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ChaoAn JuYuan Plastic products co., LTD(former Lianda Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.) is located in the Chaoan An North Road, opposite the fire brigade, a professional development and the kinds of multi-layer co-extruded blown film professional manufacturers, is the first domestic R & D tubular filmunder-blown multi-layer co-extruded PP / PE coextruded film the dry complex base material (0.03mm ~ 0.3mm), blown PA co-extruded film manufacturers.
Has a number of patented technologies and advanced level technical personnel engaged in film production with decades of experience, customers can continue to provide innovative products and good after-sales service.
Multi-layer co-extruded blown film has reached the advanced level, the main products are: three-and five-layer co-extruded blown film, water-cooled PE / PP film, PE water cooling enhancement film, nylon coextruded film, PE / PP is not easy to tear membrane Cup ... products for various types of food packaging, nuts packaging, rice bags, frozen food, meat packing, big jujube packaging, vacuum packaging, clothing packaging substrate. Our factory own R & D, production of co-extruded water-cooled PE reinforced film Cold (minus 40 °) and high temperature (100 °), high transparency, high tensile characteristics, the majority of customers loved the main products sold in the Pearl River Delta, Fujian, Hunan, Hebei and across the country.
Company pursuing a "forward-looking products, health and environmental quality assurance integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy.
Welcome to cooperate with you to create a better future.

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